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GAT is a family owned and operated company since the 70’s , we dedicate our business to transparency and fair trade. We work with small scale farmers across Latin American, Primarily in South America. We are growers, packers, exporters, and importers with specialty produce based in Colombia, Ecuador and Los Angeles.

Fresh preview

From Ecuador and Colombia, this fruit tastes very sweet, similar to a pear but a little more tropical. The fruit´s interior texture is comparable to that of a kiwi with a white flesh meat and black seeds throughout. Very healthy and considered a superfruit, it has been said to be great source to help the digestive system.

Goldenberries are original from South America, and our Colombian gooseberries are a sweet addition to any meal. Similar to the sweet cherry tomato, goldenberries are small grape-sized berries with a unique flavor. Also great for snacks and garnishments for cocktails and plates.

The Hass Avocado grows abundantly in South America and is known for being a smooth variety of avocado. The outside of the Hass has a leather-like texture and is nearly black when ripe.

Dried Preview

Our Dried Pitahaya is made of 100% natural pitahaya. We use the same fruit as we do for our fresh product and allow it to dry out.

Our Dried Banana, available in both organic and conventional, is made from Cavendish Bananas from South America.

Our Dried Golden Berries, available in both organic and conventional, are made from 100% fresh gooseberries from South America.


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